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is a website building & hosting documentation for Clojure/Script libraries

Read the rationale or check out some examples: rum, kaocha, reitit.

Automated Docs

cljdoc builds documentation for new releases that are pushed to Clojars within minutes. Ever forgot to update your docs after a release? No more.

→ Basic Setup

Articles & More

Seamless integration of articles and tutorials from Markdown and Asciidoc source files.

→ Articles

Offline Docs

Download documentation for any project in a zip file for easy offline use while travelling or swinging in your hammock. Supports Dash and Zeal.

→ Offline Docs

Specs, Examples, ...

In the future cljdoc may incorporate more than just API docs and articles. Specs and examples are high on the list.

→ Roadmap

Library Authors

Learn how to publish your docs to cljdoc, integrate tutorials and other material and add a badge to your project's Readme.

Documentation for Library Authors →

Library Users

Learn where to find documentation, how to download it for offline use and more.

Documentation for Library Users →
↓ More Features ↓

Docs for every Clojure library available at a predictable, consistent location.

(str ""
     (:group-id your-project) "/"
     (:artifact-id your-project) "/"
     (:version your-project))

Platform-aware documentation, clearly indicating when things differ between Clojure & Clojurescript.

Example of platform aware documentation with rum.core

Documentation links are always tied to a specific version and old versions are kept available.

Open Source, so the community can work together to improve or even fork cljdoc.

cljdoc is created and maintained by its contributors.

Say hi in #cljdoc on Slack. Report issues on GitHub. Check out other Clojure resources.

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