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Antizer is a ClojureScript library implementing Ant Design React components for Reagent and Rum.

Ant Design is an enterprise-class UI design language and React-based implementation with the following features:

  • An enterprise-class UI design language for web applications.
  • A set of high-quality React components out of the box.
  • Extensive API documentation and examples.



All the Ant Design components should be fully functional and production-ready. If you discover any missing or invalid components, please file a ticket.

Who's Using Antizer

Please let me know if you are using Antizer within your project, and I will gladly add that in here.


To use Antizer, add the following to your project.clj:

[antizer "0.3.0"]

You would also need to add the ClojureScript React library that you will be using.

For Reagent:

[reagent "X.Y.Z"]

For Rum:

[rum "X.Y.Z"]

It is also necessary to include the Ant Design CSS stylesheet in your HTML page. The CSS files can be obtained from the following classpaths:

  • cljsjs/antd/development/
  • cljsjs/antd/production/

You can also follow the instructions for customization with LESS here.

Quick Example

For Reagent:

(require '[antizer.reagent :as ant])
(require '[reagent.core :as r])

(defn render []
  [ant/button {:on-click #(ant/message-info "Hello Reagent!")} "Click me"])

(defn init! []
  (r/render [render] (.-body js/document)))

For Rum:

(require '[antizer.rum :as ant])
(require '[rum.core :as rum])

(defn render []
  (ant/button {:on-click #(ant/message-info "Hello Rum!")} "Click me"))

(defn init! []
  (rum/mount (render) (.-body js/document)))


To compile the examples:

lein with-profile +examples cljsbuild once

To compile the examples and enable hot reloading with figwheel:

lein with-profile +examples-dev figwheel

After compilation, open up the respective HTML page in the examples/resources folder in your browser.



  • Updated antd library to 3.7.1 #16 thx @sctianwei, @piotr-yuxuan
  • Fixed autocomplete example for empty string.
  • Fixed layout issue in examples.
  • Removed known issue for DatePicker and Calendar components.
  • Added props argument to reagent.create-form #12 thx @AndreasKlein


  • Updated antd library to 2.12.3.
  • Fixed resource typo in and documentation. #1 thx @weavejester
  • Added missing component: Breadcrumb.Item. #2 thx @weavejester
  • Added new component: Input.TextArea. #3 thx @mbuczko
  • Fixed layout issue in examples.
  • Added note on DatePicker and Calendar known issues.


  • Updated antd library to 2.11.2.
  • Updated instructions for CSS file inclusion.
  • Added Avatar component and example.
  • Fixed layout and CSS styles for examples.
  • Fixed cljsbuild settings for examples.

Known Issues



Thanks to Ant Design, cljsjs/antd, Reagent, Rum and of course ClojureScript, without which this project would not be possible.


Copyright © 2017 Michael Lim

Licensed under Eclipse Public License (see LICENSE).

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