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  • Update BACnet4J to 5.0.0
  • Add MSTP support! (Thanks to Alex Whitt)


  • Bugfix in underlying BACnet4J library : endless loop on segmented communication error.


  • Better communication with slow networks and/or large requests.

1.0.4 - 1.0.5

  • Add coercion for BaseError type;
  • Handle property error. (Example: unknown-property).

1.0.2 - 1.0.3

  • Fix segmentation fallback
  • Longer delay between broadcasts (initialization)


Minor changes.

  • use forked BACnet4j version;
  • re-add the function is-alive?;
  • add funtion to write multiple properties;
  • handle 'rejects' error;
  • fix encode-properties function;
  • add function to read trendlogs.


Major changes.

It is expected that you will have to change a few function names if you are transistionning from 0.6 or below. You can use the documentation to help you find the new function names.

  • Data coercion into BACnet4J objects have been redone from scratch;
  • Support multiple local devices;
  • Removed the functions related to local objects;
  • Removed caching for read-properties (shouldn't be up to Bacure.)

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