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buddy is a complete security library for clojure. With support for:

  • authentication, authorization & access rules (ring/compojure extensions)

  • secure hash functions (digest)

  • password hashing algorithms (bcrypt, pbkdf2, scrypt)

  • message/text signing (high level interface)

  • signature & authentication (mac & digital signature)

  • encryption (block, stream ciphers, nonces, salts)

  • key derivation functions (kdf)

Since version 0.3.0, buddy is split into four modules for improved modularity of the application and to allow people to include only wanted parts of buddy instead of one monolithic library.

Each module has its own functionality and its own documentation. This document/page only serves as an introduction to the library and the content of index.

If you are happy with the monolithic version of buddy, you may want include the "buddy" meta-package:

[buddy "0.7.1"]

In other case, see the concrete instalation instructions of the module that you need.

Modules Summary


Cryptographyc API.

With that (maybe incomple) list of features:

  • cryptographic hash algorithms (digest)

  • key derivation algorithms (kdf)

  • digital signatures

  • message authentication (mac)

  • block ciphers

  • stream ciphers

  • padding schemes

  • nonces and salts

  • signature & authentication (mac & digital signature)

  • encryption (block & stream ciphers)

  • key derivation functions (kdf)


Authentication and Authorization for ring and ring-based web applications.

With that list of features:

  • Authentication middlewares for ring.

  • Authorization middleware for ring.

  • Authentication/Authorization backends (token, http-basic, session).

  • Access rules system.


The collection of secure password hashers.


High level message signing module.

With that list of features:

  • Json Web Signature

  • Json Web Encryption

  • Compact message signing

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