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Macros directly in ClojureScript.

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You can use this library to define macros directly in ClojureScript source.

Or even directly in the REPL:

cljs.user=> (require '[chivorcam.core :refer [defmacro defmacfn]])
cljs.user=> (defmacro add [a b]
       #_=>  `(+ ~a ~b))
cljs.user=> (add 1 2)

This library works with both JVM and self-hosted ClojureScript, as well as Clojure.

Helper Functions

What if your macro needs to call a helper function upon macro expansion? It can't call a ClojureScript function, as those aren't available at compilation time.

To solve this, defmacfn is like defn but defines functions that can be called by macros.

Example use:

cljs.user=> (defmacfn to-prefix [[lhs op rhs]]
       #_=>  (list op lhs rhs))
cljs.user=> (defmacro eval-infix [form]
       #_=>  (to-prefix form))
cljs.user=> (eval-infix (1 + 2))


This library works by defining defmacro and defmacfn as macros which simply define macros and functions in the “macros namespace” corresponding to the runtime namespace they are being used in.

Because of this, this makes it easy to mess with macros directly in the REPL. This could even be used in your production code, but a few things to consider:

  1. It doesn't really provide a way to work properly across namespaces. For production code involving macros it is better to use ClojureScript's support for macros which is really designed to support Namespaces.
  2. The defmacfn macro is non-standard (compared to just using defn), along with the concept of placing macros via defmacro directly in your ClojureScript source. Making use of this will hinder the ability of others to readily understand your code.
  3. Even though this library works with self-hosted ClojureScript, if your macros need to perform host interop, that would be difficult to manage using reader conditionals because the :cljs branch would always be taken.

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