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A clojure library that implements the Signature Version 4 Signing Process. It is inspired by s3-beam and this blog post. This library can be used to sign requests, for instance by implementing a signing service.

This library passes the Signature Version 4 Test Suite. Badge


Simple example:

    {:method "GET" :uri "/foo/bar" 
     :query [["name" "asimov"]] :date "20150830T123600Z" 
     :headers {"host" "somehost"}
     :service "s3" :region "ca-central-1"
     :access-key "myaccesskey" :secret-key "mysecretkey"})


AWS4-HMAC-SHA256 Credential=myaccesskey/20150830/ca-central-1/s3/aws4_request, SignedHeaders=host, Signature=e771437ef1c615047cffbf99a20bd20c6e4f361b2600e12534b563065e900bc7

You can use this string as Authorization header.

The following options are necessary:

  • :method - The method of the request: GET, POST, PUT

  • :uri - The uri of the request

  • date - Date following ISO 8601 format YYYYMMDD'T'HHMMSS'Z', for instance "20150830T123600Z"

  • :access-key - AWS access key

  • :secret-key- AWS secret key

  • :service - AWS service, for instance "s3"

  • :region - AWS region, for instance "eu-west-1"

The following options are optional:

  • :query - Query parameters of the request as vector tuples in a vector: [["name" "Walter"] ["surname" "White"]]

  • :headers - Headers of the request you want to sign as map: {"Host" "s3-eu-west-1" "x-amz-content-sha256" "UNSIGNED-PAYLOAD"}, if you provide a "x-amz-date" header :date will be overriden

  • :payload - The request body


Copyright © 2017 Josef Erben

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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