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A simple ISBN utility library for Clojure.

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clj-isbn is hosted in Clojars.

Using Leiningen, add clj-isbn as a dependency to your project's project.clj:

[clj-isbn "1.0.0"]

Then require it into your namespace:

 (:require [clj-isbn.core :as isbn]))


 (:require [clj-isbn.core :refer :all]))


To validate an ISBN:

(isbn/is-valid? "85-359-0277-5")
=> true

To convert an ISBN-10 to ISBN-13:

(isbn/isbn10->isbn13 "85-359-0277-5")
=> "9788535902778"

And vice versa:

(isbn/isbn13->isbn10 "978-91-501-1334-1")
=> "9150113348"

The conversion functions return the new ISBN codes without hyphens. You have to call the hyphenation function separately if you need them:

(isbn/hyphenate "9783799591232")
=> "978-3-7995-9123-2"
(isbn/hyphenate (isbn/isbn10->isbn13 "097961631X"))
=> "978-0-9796163-1-0"

If you need to check if the ISBN is correctly hyphenated:

(isbn/correctly-hyphenated? "9783799591232")
=> false
(isbn/correctly-hyphenated? "978-9-004-32443-5")
=> false
(isbn/correctly-hyphenated? "978-952-68574-1-1")
=> true

If the ISBN is not hyphenated at all, false it is.

To calculate check digits:

(isbn/isbn10-checkdigit "85-359-0277")
=> 5
(isbn/isbn13-checkdigit "978-951-98548-9")
=> 2

To get the publisher zone:

(isbn/publisher-zone "978-91-501-1334-1")
=> "Sweden"

It is also possible to extract the different components of an ISBN code:

(isbn/get-prefix "9789529351787")
=> "978-952"
(isbn/get-registrant-element "9789529351787")
=> "93"
(isbn/get-publication-element "9789529351787")
=> "5178"
(isbn/get-checkdigit "9789529351787")
=> "7"

If the conversion, hyphenation or checksum calculation functions are fed an invalid value, nil value is returned.

(isbn/publisher-zone "9783799591232")
=> "German language"
(isbn/publisher-zone "9783799591235")
=> nil
(isbn/hyphenate "Yeah!")
=> nil

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