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A library for generating RSS feeds from Clojure

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The channel-xml function accepts a map of tags representing a channel, followed by 0 or more maps for items (or a seq of items) and outputs an XML string. Each item must be a map of valid RSS tags.

The following characters in the content of :description, "content:encoded" and :title tags will be escaped: <, &, >, ". Both :pubDate and :lastBuildDate keys are expected to be instances of java.time.Instant or one of its subclasses. These will be converted to standard RSS date strings in the resulting XML.

If you need to get the data in a structured format, use channel instead.

The project works with babashka so you can generate rss feeds as a script. See examples/babashka directory.


Creating a channel with some items:

(require '[clj-rss.core :as rss])

(rss/channel-xml {:title "Foo" :link "http://foo/bar" :description "some channel"}
                 {:title "Foo"}
                 {:title "post" :author ""}
                 {:description "bar"}
                 {:description "baz" "content:encoded" "Full content"})

image tags can be inserted by providing the :type key:

(channel-xml {:title "Foo" :link "http://x" :description "some channel"}
             {:type  :image
              :title "image"
              :url   ""
              :link  "http://bar.baz"}
             {:title "foo" :link "bar"})

Creating a feed from a sequence of items:

(let [items [{:title "Foo"} {:title "Bar"} {:title "Baz"}]]
  (rss/channel {:title "Foo" :link "http://foo/bar" :description "some channel"}

;; Atom feed URL can be specified using :feed-url key:
  {:title "foo" :link "http://foo" :feed-url "http://feed-url" :description "bar"}
  {:type  :image
   :title "Title"
   :url   "http://bar"
   :link  "http://baz"})

Creating items with complex tags:

(rss/channel-xml {:title "Foo" :link "http://foo/bar" :description "some channel"}
                 {:title "test"
                  :category [{:domain ""} "BAZ"]})

(rss/channel-xml {:title "Foo" :link "http://foo/bar" :description "some channel"}
                 {:title "test"
                  :category [[{:domain ""} "MSFT"]
                             [{:domain ""} "AAPL"]]})

(rss/channel-xml {:title "Foo" :link "http://foo/bar" :description "some channel"}
              {:title "test"
              :category ["MSFT" "AAPL"]})

Items can contain raw HTML if the tag is enclosed in <![CDATA[ ... ]]>:

  {:title "HTML Item"
   :description "<![CDATA[ <h1><a href='http://foo/bar'>Foo</a></h1> ]]>"
   "content:encoded" "<![CDATA[ <article><h1>Title</h1><p>Hello World</p></article> ]]>"}

To get the raw data structure use:

(rss/channel {:title "Foo" :link "http://foo/bar" :description "some channel"}
             {:title "test"})

Pass in false as first parameter to disable content validation:

(rss/channel-xml false {:title "Foo" :link "http://foo/bar" :description "some channel"}
                       {:title "test"
                        :category [{:domain ""} "BAZ"]})

(rss/channel false {:title "Foo" :link "http://foo/bar" :description "some channel"}
                   {:title "test"})

The output XML can be validated at

For more information on valid RSS tags and their content please refer to the official RSS 2.0 specification


Copyright Yogthos 2012

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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