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A simple subcommand parser for Clojure.


clj-sub-command is available as a Maven artifact from Clojars.

Clojure CLI/deps.edn:

clj-sub-command {:mvn/version "0.6.0"}


[clj-sub-command "0.6.0"]


(ns my.program
  (:require [clj-sub-command.core :refer [parse-cmds]])

;; Options before a subcommand
(def options
  [["-p" "--port PORT" "Port number"
    :default 80
    :parse-fn #(Integer/parseInt %)]
   ["-h" "--help"]])

;; Subcommands and descriptions
(def commands
  [["up" "Start server"]
   ["down" "Stop server"
    :id :stop]])

(defn -main [& args]
  (parse-cmds args options commands))

Execute the command line:

$ my-program -p8080 --help up --log-directory /tmp some-file

to produce the map:

{:options          {:port 8080
                    :help true}
 :command          :up
 :arguments        ["--log-directory" "/tmp" "some-file"]
 :options-summary  "  -p, --port PORT  80  Port number
                      -h, --help"
 :commands-summary "  up    Start server
                      down  Stop server"
 :errors           nil
 :candidates       ["up"]}

Option Specifications

parse-cmds uses tools.cli internally for parsing the options. See tools.cli document for option specifications.

Options/Commands Summary

:options-summary and :commands-summary are minimal summary strings of the options and commands.


  -p, --port PORT  80  Port number
  -h, --help


  up    Start server
  down  Stop server

:options-summary-fn and :commands-summary-fn may be supplied to parse-cmds if the default formatting is unsatisfactory.

Candidate Commands

:candidates vector has near commands in the specifications to the given command. These candidates are also contained in :errors vector as an error message when the given command is incorrect.

Unknown command: "upp"

The most similar command is


Using clj-sub-command with another command-line parser, such as tools.cli, is recommended for parsing the rest arguments.

(ns example.core
  (:require [clojure.string :as string]
            [clj-sub-command.core :refer [parse-cmds]]
            [ :refer [parse-opts]])

(defn error-msg [errors]
  (str "The following errors occurred while parsing your command:\n\n"
       (string/join \newline errors)))

(defn exit [status msg]
  (println msg)
  (System/exit status))

;; "up" subcommand

(def up-options
  [["-v" "--verbose"]
   ["-h" "--help"]])

(defn up-usage [options-summary]
  (->> ["Usage: program-name up [options] file"
       (string/join \newline)))

(defn up [args]
  (let [{:keys [options arguments errors summary]} (parse-opts args up-options)]
      (:help options) (exit 0 (up-usage summary))
      (not= (count arguments) 1) (exit 1 (up-usage summary))
      errors (exit 1 (error-msg errors)))
    (if (:verbose options)

;; "down" subcommand

(def down-options ...)
(defn down-usage [options-summary] ...)
(defn down [args] ...)

;; main

(def options
  [["-h" "--help"]])

(def commands
  [["up" "Start server"]
   ["down" "Stop server"]])

(defn usage [options-summary commands-summary]
  (->> ["Usage: program-name [--help] <command> [<args>]"
       (string/join \newline)))

(defn -main [& args]
  (let [{:keys [options command arguments errors options-summary commands-summary]}
        (parse-cmds args options commands)]
      (:help options) (exit 0 (usage options-summary commands-summary))
      errors (exit 1 (error-msg errors)))
    (case command
      :up   (up arguments)
      :down (down arguments))))


Copyright © 2013-2020 Toshiki Takeuchi

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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