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A simple Clojure PostgreSQL-based job queue. An optional web UI is also available as both a library and a standalone service.


See the API documentation for more detailed usage information, including examples.

(defn *-and-log [a b]
  (println "a * b =" (* a b))
  (Thread/sleep 20000))

(require 'cljobq.core)

   {:connection-uri "jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/jobq?user=jobq&password=jobq"}})


   {:queue-a {}
    :queue-b {:num-threads 4}}})

  {:actor #'*-and-log
   :args [9 9]
   :queue "queue-b"})

  {:actor #'*-and-log
   :args [9 7]
   :job-name "recurring-math"
   :queue "queue-c"
   :interval "15 23 * * *"})


Copyright © 2018 Alex Hornung

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

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