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INFO (2020-08-17): I'm preparing new version based on as data input which is going to solve issues with data processing and labels. Also rethinking the way of better management of data dimensions and their representation through trellis/colors/axes etc. It happens very slowly, but happens. Stay tuned.



THIS IS WIP/POC A "no web-based" pure JVM Clojure library for 2d charts, inspired by D3, Vega and R (ggplot2/lattice/facet).

Current version

[cljplot "0.0.3"]

NOTE about API

Please note that current way of creating charts is very low level. All of this nasty steps will be finally hidden from user perspective.


Currently there are no easy to use functions nor data DSL (help needed here). Still everything is done manually.

See sketches folder for examples

Short term plan

  • More chart types (+ - easier; - - harder):
    • ~~heatmaps (various grids)~~ (+)
    • ~~point clouds (log and linear rendering)~~ (+)
    • ~~contours (-), flow fields (+)~~
    • categorical x categorical plots (scatter plot matrix (+)
    • ~~stacked area/stream~~
    • parallel / hive (+/-)
    • radial charts, like pie (+), sunburst (-), radial tree (-)
    • arc(?) (+)
    • markers: line, text, etc...
  • ~~Labels~~ / ~~legends~~ / gradients / palettes
  • Higher level API
    • single function for each chart type (easier)
    • faceting/lattice (harder)
  • cleaning configuration mess

Long term plan / wishlist

  • Enable other renderers (create dispatch layer)
  • Data DSL(?)
  • geo maps
  • elements of UpSet
  • signal processing / time series (partially done)
  • annotations
  • grid of charts / subplots (with independent axes)
  • kind of interactivity
  • chart styles (now everything is blueish)

Known issues

  • ~~grid, axes sometimes don't match (1-2px shift). This is due to rounding errors and axes rotations~~
  • still ~~no labels~~, ~~no legends~~
  • overlapping ticks (add some heuristics to use smaller fonts and smaller number of ticks)
  • chart configuration needs to be reviewed, still not consistent
  • no higher level functions/macros
  • no DSL for data manipulation, and no plan to make it (task for others!)
  • deep nesting is really nasty to configure and for data preparation :/ (lattice of stacked horizontally stacked bars...)
  • merging nested extents is not working correctly (in lattice)
  • true is, there are some labels for lattice, quick and dirty
  • do not layer over histograms (bins mismatch)...
  • still something is wrong with time scale


So, why another chart library, when you can use insert any name here In my case, the main obstacle was the ability to save hundreds of charts without using any display (web or java frame). One can say: jfreechart! I can say: try to generate heatmaps... Every library I've found had some issues or produces ugly result or was web based or was notebook based or... So I fell into the lisp curse and I'm writing my own.


YES! A lot of things to do:

  • documentation
  • configuration
  • new charts
  • testing, test-cases

Let's chat about this:

Marching squares algorithm



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