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Sane wrapper around Drag-n-Drop DOM API


  • Only supports files. No in-window (e.g. text) drag-n-drop
  • Guarantees order of events
  • Simulates dragstart/dragend events
  • Multiple listeners at once
  • Cross-browser support



[cljs-drag-n-drop "0.1.0"]


(require [cljs-drag-n-drop.core :as dnd])


(dnd/subscribe! (js/document.querySelector "div") :unique-key
  { :start (fn [e]       (println "d1 start"))
    :enter (fn [e]       (println "d1 enter"))
    :drop  (fn [e files] (println "d1 drop"))
    :leave (fn [e]       (println "d1 leave"))
    :end   (fn [e]       (println "d1 end")) })


(dnd/unsubscribe! (js/document.querySelector "div") :unique-key)

To catch all events, subscribe to js/document.documentElement.

Simulated events

Cljs-drag-n-drop offers a sane and reliable event model to work with.

Events always fire in that order:

  1. start. Every time file is dragged on top of browser window. It means it might not be on top of your element yet, but start is fired anyway to indicate dragging has started.
  2. enter. When file is dragged over specified element.
  3. drop. Drop is only fired if file was released (dropped) on top of specified element or any of its children.
  4. leave. Leave is guaranteed to fire if enter was firer before. It’s raised when:
  • mouse has left specified element
  • drop happened
  • drag was cancelled (e.g. via Esc button)
  1. end. End is guaranteed to fire if enter was fired before. It’s raised if
  • successful drop happened
  • drag was cancelled (e.g. via Esc button)


Run dev environment:

lein fighweel

Connect to http://localhost:8080


Copyright © 2017 Nikita Prokopov

Licensed under Eclipse Public License (see LICENSE).

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