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Vendor prefixes for React inline styles with ClojureScript.

Suitable for use with Quiescent and Reagent at least, since they use clojure maps with their React.


Add [cljs-styles "0.3.8"] to :dependencies in your project.clj.

This is truly a zero-point release. I don't know how, if or when this API will change. Use with care, open an issue with any questions.


(:require [cljs-styles.core :as styles])

(styles/prefix {:transition "all"})

;; => {:msTransition "all"
;;     :WebkitTransition "all"
;;     :MozTransition "all"
;;     :transition "all"}

Optionally list what prefixes to include:

(styles/prefix {:transition "all"}

;; => {:WebkitTransition "all"
;;     :transition "all"}

There's also a convenience styles macro. It wraps the map in a prefix call only if any of the keys need prefixing.

 :backgroundColor "#fff"
 :transition "all")

;; => {:backgroundColor "#fff"
;;     :WebkitTransition "all"
;;     :transition "all"}

Please note! It passes only :webkit, since that's my usecase right now.

Limitations and laziness

  • there's no runtime check of what prefixes to add, since I'm using this on both the server and client. You can check the browser and pass in a suitable set of prefixes if you want.

  • I haven't added support for calc, since it's a hassle to fix and also best avoided due to bad performance in the browser.

  • Some values need prefixing. Most notably display: flex, but also cursor: zoom-in;. Old versions of React didn't support these very well, and after React 15, not at all.

    I have removed the broken half-support of this feature, and now emit a warning when setting these values. My best idea at the time is to use a plain old css rule + class name for this edge case.


There's also support for creating and prefixing keyframes for CSS animations.

(use 'cljs-styles.keyframes)

  [[  0 "opacity 0;"]
   [100 "opacity 1;"]])

;; => @-webkit-keyframes fade-in {0% {opacity 0;} 100% {opacity 1;}}
;;    @keyframes fade-in {0% {opacity 0;} 100% {opacity 1;}}

There's even a handy macro defanim that creates stylesheets dynamically:

(defanim half-rotate
    [  0 "transform: rotate(0);"]
    [100 "transform: rotate(180);"])

;; used like this

(d/div {:style {:animationName half-rotate}})

This will create a style tag and populate it with the keyframe rules. The name (half-rotate here) resolves to the name of the animation.

This macro cannot be used on the server at the moment. I'm planning to do something about that.


Copyright © 2016 Magnar Sveen

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

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