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Micro clojure and clojurescript portability lib for uuid creation


  • clojars [cljs-uuid "0.0.1"]
  • clojars [cljs-uuid "0.0.2"] : includes equivalent API in clojure for portability
  • clojars [cljs-uuid "0.0.3"] :
  • added make-random to use in place of make-v4 (deprecated).
  • added cljs parsing of #<UUID ...> issue #1
  • clojars [cljs-uuid "0.0.4"] :

As of version 0.0.2 you can use the lib in clojure as well as cljs. In clj, underneath, java.util.UUID is used.

(ns test.main
    [cljs-uuid.core :as uuid]
    [cljs.reader :as reader]))

(defn log [msg x]
  (do (js/console.log (pr-str {:msg msg :data x}))
    x ))

(log "Starting Test" nil)

(let [id1 (uuid/make-random)
      id2 (uuid/make-random)
      id1-str    (str id1)
      id2-str    (str id2)
      id1-pr-str (pr-str id1)
      id1-reread (reader/read-string id1-str)
  (log "id1 str"    id1-str)
  (log "id1 pr-str" id1-pr-str)
  (log "id2 str"    id2-str)
  (log "(= id1 id1)" (= id1 id1))
  (log "(= id1 id2)" (= id1 id2))
  (log "(reader/read-string id1-str)" id1-reread)
  (log "(= id1 id1-reread)" (= id1 id1-reread))
  (log "" (= (str id1) (str id1-reread)))
  (log (.-uuid id1) (.-uuid id1-reread))
  (js/console.log id1)
  (js/console.log id1-reread)


consider use of 'window.crypto.getRandomValues' when available


Copyright (C) 2012 Dave Sann

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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