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CLJSJS Packages


Transitioning to :foreign-libs right now.

These packages originally only worked out of the box with Boot. Existing versions will continue to work, future versions will work through the :foreign-libs mechanism supplied by Clojurescript.

Using these packages

All packages provided by cljsjs provide deps.cljs files that will be automtically picked up by the Clojurescript compiler as of 0.0-2727. Versions of the Jar reflect the version of the packaged JS lib.

You can find the specific coordinates for those packages in their respective README files.

Contributing a package

There are a bunch of tasks for Boot in boot-cljsjs that help with packaging these jars. If you are curious how they work, I recommend checking out the individual build.boot files in the subdirectories of this repository.

If you want a JS library to be packaged up, feel free to open an issue, if you can provide links to source & extern files chances are someone might just do it for you.

Please note that packaging other things besides plain JS libraries (i.e. Bootstrap or similar frameworks) is a bit more complex and is currently out of scope for this project. If you have suggestions or ideas to change this, open an issue :)

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