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The cljss library help you generate CSS rules using Clojure code, with support for:

  • nested CSS rules;
  • multiple selectors per rules;
  • property value as keyword;
  • property value variables.


(def css-vars
  {:font-title "'Palatino Linotype','Book Antiqua',Palatino,FreeSerif,serif"
   :font-main  "Verdana, Arial"
   :color-main "#404a3e"})

(def sample-style
  (css css-vars
   ;; tags
   [:body :font-family :$font-main]
   ;; ids
   [:#wrapper :background-color :$color-main
              :border "solid 5px $color-main"
              :margin "0 5%"]
   [(each :#header :#content :#footer) :padding :1em]
   [(each :#header :#footer) :color :white]
   [:#content :background-color :#eee
              :border-radius :1em
              :clear :both
              :color :$color-main]
   ;; links
   [:a :color :#69a :text-decoration :none]
   [:a:hover :color :#8aa :text-decoration :underline]
   [:a:visited :color :#479]
   ;; header
    [:h1 :font-family :$font-title
         :font-style :italic
         :font-size :4em]
    [:ul :display :inline
         :float :right
         :list-style :none
         :padding 0
     [:li :display :inline
          :margin "0 0.5em"]]]
   [($ :#header :ul :li)
    [(each :a :a.visited) :border-radius :0.5em
                          :background-color :#243
                          :color :#fa0
                          :padding "0.5em 1.5em"]
    [:a:hover :background-color :#687
              :text-decoration :none]]
   ;; footer
   [($ :#footer :p) :font-size :0.7em]))


cljss is available through Clojars.

For the latest release, in Cake/Leiningen:

[cljss "0.1.1"]

in Maven:



Copyright (C) 2010 Nicolas Buduroi. All rights reserved

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure. See the file epl-v10.html in the project root directory.

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