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Deep Merge

This acknowledge that merging could be simple or complex. Configuring merging should be easy and it should be robust. This library tackles some of the complexities of these statements. Please take a look at this Clojure library and make any suggestions in pull requests or issues.

You can use this library by adding it as a dependency:

Clojars Project


At this point, merging is divided into 3 types of comparisons:

  • All maps - Handled with a recursive call using merge-with
  • All non-map collections - Most of what has been considered so far. These are the functions that can currently been used. All of them handle all merges, but they are tailored to handle non-map collections
    • concat-merge/concat-merge-with - Puts all items into one vector
    • distinct-merge/distinct-merge-with - Puts all items into one deduplicated vector
    • index-merge/index-merge-with - Handled with recursive calls using all values at each index and puts the results in a vector
  • Other
    • All functions that end with -with take a first parameter of a function that will handle these situations. All functions that lack this ending use the value from the last argument passed in
    • There are two other special merge methods that handle these scenarios
      • greedy-merge - Does a concat-merge-with and puts other values into a single vector
      • greedy-distinct-merge - Does a distinct-merge-with and puts other values into a single deduplicated vector

Merge Requests

In order to make recommendations to this library, either please

  1. Fork this repository
  2. Create a branch (name it whatever you would like) in your repository created in step 1
  3. Make your changes to that branch
  4. Run tests
  5. Create a pull request from that branch of the forked repository to the master branch of this repository. Check the following values when creating it (steps 4 & 5):
    • base fork should be JasonStiefel/clojure-deep-merge
    • base should be master
    • head fork should be your forked repository, created in step 1
    • compare should be the branch you created in step 2

Or create an issue with specifics of what is wrong or what you would like to see.

Build Framework

This incorporates Leiningen for its build/test/deploy process.


To test this project, run lein test.

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