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A Clojure library for data validation and transformation.

Clojars Project


In your project.clj add to your dependencies:

[com.ben-allred/formation "0.5.0"]

Takes a length and an optional message and returns a validator which returns a message when the count of the value is greater than the length.

(require '[com.ben-allred.formation.core :as f])

(def validator (f/max-length 13 "no more than 13"))

(validator [1 2 3])
;; => nil
(validator "elkajsdkfeliasjdelfkasjdlkfjesiljfslajkef")
;; => ("no more than 13")

meta validations

New with 0.5.0 you can use ::meta for validating a collection in its entirety. Since these errors exist outside of the structure of the collection, it is useful to describe and access these errors separate from validations inside the collection.

(require '[com.ben-allred.formation.core :as f])

(def validator (f/validator
                 ^{::f/meta [(f/min-length 1 "at least one") (f/required "required")]}
                 ^::f/coll-of [(f/pred string? "string")]))

(validator ["a" "b" "c"])
;; => nil

(::f/meta (meta (validator nil)))
;; => ("required")

(::f/meta (meta (validator [])))
;; => ("at least one")


Given validator configs for a records or tuples (does not work with map and coll validators), creates a validator whose entire value is passed to each root-level validator to determine its validation. In the example {:a a-validator :b b-validator}, both a-validator and b-validator are called with the entire record. Similarly [first-validator second-validator] causes both first-validator and second-validator to be called with the entire tuple.

(require '[com.ben-allred.formation.core :as f])

(def validator (f/validator ^::f/vicinity-of {:a (f/pred :b "requires b") :b (f/pred :a "requires a")}))

(validator {:a 1 :b 2}
;; => nil

(validator {})
;; => {:a ("requires b") :b ("requires a")}


Takes a key-config and value-config and returns a validator which validates a map against two validators created via f/validator. The validator returns a map of errors with any keys which produced errors.

(require '[com.ben-allred.formation.core :as f])

(def validator (f/validator
                 {[(f/required "key required") (f/pred keyword? "keyword")]
                  [(f/required "val required") (f/pred string? "string")]}))

(validator {:fine "string" :bad-val 13 nil nil})
;; => {:bad-val ("string") nil ("key required" "val required")}


Takes a config and returns a validator which expects a collection and validates every value with the config via f/validator. Returns distinct messages.

(require '[com.ben-allred.formation.core :as f])

(def validator (f/validator ^::f/coll-of [{:word (f/pred string? "invalid") :number (f/pred number? "invalid")}]))

(validator [{:word "string" :number 1} {:word "another string" :number -17.8}])
;; => nil
(validator [{:word :not-a-word :number "72"}])
;; => [{:word ("invalid") :number ("invalid")}]


Takes multiple configs and returns a validator which expects a tuple of values which get validated individually and returned in the order of the configs.

(require '[com.ben-allred.formation.core :as f])

(def validator (f/validator ^::f/tuple-of [(f/pred number? "number") {:key (f/pred keyword? "keyword") :value (f/pred string? "invalid")}]))

(validator [13 {:key :a-key :value "some value"}])
;; => [nil nil nil]
(validator ["asdf" {:key "bad" :value "still ok"}])
;; => [("number") {:key ("keyword")}]


Transformers are just functions that take a value and return a transformed value. A lot of functions in clojure's core library fall under this category, so the following functions are used to combine them in various ways.


Takes a nested config of transformers and returns a single transformer that expects and returns data in the same shape.

(require '[com.ben-allred.formation.core :as f])

(def transformer (f/transformer {:upper-string (f/when-somep string/upper-case)
                                 :nested       [{:keyword keyword}
                                                {:boolean boolean}]}))

(transformer {:upper-string "a string"
              :nested {:keyword "keyword"
                       :boolean "truthy"}})
;; => {:upper-string "A STRING"
;; =>  :nested {:keyword :keyword
;; =>           :boolean true}}
(transformer {:upper-string nil
              :nested {:keyword nil
                       :boolean nil}})
;; => {:upper-string nil
;; =>  :nested {:keyword nil
;; =>           :boolean false}}


Takes a key-config and val-config and transforms a map by calling every key and value with the resulting key-transformer val-transformer.

(require '[com.ben-allred.formation.core :as f])

(def transformer (f/transformer ^::f/map-of {keyword [sort vec]}))

(transformer {"a" [1 4 5 2 7 3 6]
              "b" #{:d :g :a :e :b :c :f}})
;; = {:a [1 2 3 4 5 6 7] :b [:a :b :c :d :e :f :g]}


Takes a config and returns a transformer that expects a collection and transforms it by passing every item through the resulting transformer. Like map except it returns the same collection type as passed in.

(require '[com.ben-allred.formation.core :as f])

(def transformer (f/transformer ^::f/coll-of [[name string/upper-case first]]))

(transformer #{:a :b :c :d :e :f :g})
;; => #{\A \B \C \D \E \F \G}


Takes multiple configs and returns a transformer which excepts a collection and produces a vector with every item transformed through the supplied configs.

(require '[com.ben-allred.formation.core :as f])

(def transformer (f/transformer ^::f/tuple-of [keyword seq]))

(transformer (list "something" {:a 1 :b 2}))
;; => [:something ([:a 1] [:b 2])]
(transformer ["19" "abc"])
;; => [:19 (\a \b \c)]


Wraps a transformer which only gets called if the value passed in is not nil.

(require '[com.ben-allred.formation.core :as f])

(def transformer (f/when-somep #(string/split % #",")))

(transformer "1,2,3,4")
;; => ("1" "2" "3" "4")
(transformer nil)
;; => nil


$ git clone
$ cd
$ lein install
$ lein repl :start :port [PORT]


Don't forget to bump the version in project.clj.

$ lein do clean, deploy clojars


Copyright © 2018 Ben Allred

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

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