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[com.taoensso/encore "3.19.0"]  ; Needs Clojure 1.7+
[com.taoensso/encore "2.127.0"] ; Needs Clojure 1.5+

See here if you're interested in helping support my open-source work, thanks! - Peter Taoussanis

Encore: core utils library for Clojure/Script

Or: What happens when you spend way too much time with Clojure

Please note: this is a library intended mostly for my own use or for advanced users who are comfortable reading the source code to see what's available + how to use it.

Recommended steps after any significant dependency update

These are a good idea when updated any dependency, not just encore!

  1. Run lein deps :tree (or equivalent) to check for possible dependency conflicts.
  2. Run lein clean (or equivalent) to ensure no stale build artifacts remain.
  3. Please test carefully before running in production!

Some info on how to resolve dependency conflicts here.

Contacting me / contributions

Please use the project's GitHub issues for all questions, ideas, etc. Pull requests welcome. See the project's GitHub contributors for a list of contributors.

Otherwise, you can reach me at Happy hacking!

- Peter Taoussanis


Distributed under the EPL v1.0 (same as Clojure).
Copyright © 2014-2021 Peter Taoussanis.

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