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seql: Simplified EDN Query Language

seql intends to provide a simplified EQL inspired query language to access entities stored in traditional SQL databases. cljdoc badge Clojars Project


Accessing SQL entities is often done based on a pre-existing schema. In most designs, applications strive to limit the number of ways mutations should happen on SQL. However, queries often need to be very flexible in the type of data they return as well in the number of joins performed.

With this rationale in mind, seql was built to provide:

  • A data-based schema syntax to describe entities stored in SQL, as well as their relations to each other, making no assumptions on the database layout
  • A subset of the schema dedicated to expressing mutations and their input to allow for validation at the edge
  • A query builder allowing ad-hoc relations to be expressed
  • A mutation handler

On top of this, the schema syntax support creating compound fields as well as normalizing data to provide for more idiomatic Clojure data in query results

(query env ::account [::account/name
                      {::account/users [::user/email]}])

;; =>

[#::account{:name "org1"
            :state :active
	        :users [#::user{:email ""}
                    #::user{:email ""}]}
 #::account{:name "org2"
            :state :suspended
	        :users [#::user{:email ""}
		            #::user{:email ""}]}]

(mutate! env ::account/create #::account{:name "org3"})

seql is built on top of honeysql and makes that dependency apparent in some case, particularly for mutations.



  • Upgrade to recent next.jdbc and honeysql


Minor fixes for errors spotted by eastwood.


Inital release.


This project was greatly inspired by @wilkerlucio's work on pathom and subsequently EQL. As a first consumer of this library @davidjacot also help iron out a few kinks and made some significant improvements.

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