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A Clojure library containing utility functions for nested objects. The purpose is to augment existing core functionality. This contains conversions to and from flat representation of nested structure.

This library is divided to three parts:

  • flatten: conversions from nested objects to/from plain flat objects
  • deep: utility functions for nested objects
  • plain: utility functions for plain objects
[flathead "0.0.4"]


Convert a flat object to a nested tree object:

(flatten/flat->tree {:a_x 1, :a_y 2 :b 3}) -> {a: {:x 1 :y 2} :b 3}

and its inverse - nested tree to a flat representation:

(flatten/tree->flat {a: {:x 1 :y 2} :b 3}) -> {:a_x 1, :a_y 2 :b 3}

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