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A really simple Clojure interface to Gnuplot. Useful when you just wanna plot some points. A lot of points. More points than Incanter or Analemma can reasonably handle.


You'll need gnuplot installed and on your path--see your OS's package manager. After that, just add the latest version from Clojars to your project.clj.


I dunno bout the API here, so I'm calling it raw-plot! Maybe I'll wrap it in a nicer plot api later. Just need something simple n flexible for now.

(require '[gnuplot.core :as g])
(g/raw-plot! ; Commands
             [[:set :title "simple-test"]
              [:plot (g/range 0 5)
               (g/list ["-" :title "rising" :with :lines]
                       ["-" :title "falling" :with :impulse])]]
             ; Datasets
             [[[0 0]
               [1 1]
               [2 2]
               [3 1]
               [4 3]
               [5 4]]
              [[0 5]
               [1 4]
               [2 3]
               [3 2]
               [4 1]
               [5 0]]])

Example plot


Datasets are streamed as sequences directly to gnuplot's stdin, so there's no temporary files to worry about. Yep, lazy sequences are streamed lazily. My laptop can plot about 10 million points in about a minute, and most of the CPU time is spent inside gnuplot in that test, so I'm reasonably happy.


Copyright © 2015 Kyle Kingsbury

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

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