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Tasks interceptor / helpers for re-frame

Interceptor and helpers to register and unregister (background-)tasks (FXs) in your app-state / app-db to list tasks and / or block single ui parts or the whole ui.


  • register / unregister tasks / fxs via one line interceptor injection
    • support multiple and any fx on-completion keys
  • subscriptions for tasks list and running task boolean
    • running task boolean can be quick filtered by task id
  • events to register / unregister tasks yourself
  • helpers to register / unregister tasks into db yourself

Getting started

Get it / add dependency

Add the following dependency to your project.clj:
Clojars Project


(ns jtk-dvlp.your-project
   [re-frame.core :as rf]
   [ :as tasks]))

(rf/reg-event-fx :some-event
  ;; give it the fx to identify the task emitted by this event
  [(tasks/as-task :some-fx)
   ;; of course you can use this interceptor for more than one fx in a event call
   ;; futher more you can give it the handler keys to hang in finishing the task
   (tasks/as-task :some-other-fx :on-done :on-done-with-errors)]
  (fn [_ _]
      ;; you can give the tasks an id (default: uuid), see subscription `` for usage.
      ::tasks/id :some-important-stuff
      :label "Do some fx"
      :on-success [:some-event-success]
      :on-error [:some-event-error]
      ;; calling this by `:some-fx` will unregister the task via `tasks/as-task`
      :on-completed [:some-event-completed]}

      :label "Do some other fx"
      ;; calling this by some-fx will unregister the task via `tasks/as-task`
      ;; `:on-done-with-error` will also untergister the task when called by `:some-other-fx`
      :on-done [:some-other-event-completed]}}))

(defn app-view
  (let [block-ui?
        ;; for sugar you can give it also a pred (called with the task id) e.g. a set of task ids to filter the running tasks.
        (rf/subscribe [])

        (rf/subscribe [])

        (rf/subscribe [ #{:some-important-stuff}])

        (rf/subscribe [])]

    (fn []
       [:div "some app content"]

       [:ul "task list"
        ;; each task is the original fx map plus an `::tasks/id` and `::tasks/effect`
        (for [{:keys [label] :as _task} @tasks]
          ^{:key id}
          [:li label])]

       (when @block-ui?
         [:div "this div blocks the UI if there are running tasks"])])))


I´d be thankful to receive patches, comments and constructive criticism.

Hope the package is useful :-)

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