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Namespaced Ids

As an app gets bigger, you'll tend to get clashes on ids - event-ids, or query-ids (subscriptions), etc.

One panel will need to dispatch an :edit event and so will another, but the two panels will have different handlers. So how then to not have a clash? How then to distinguish between one :edit event and another?

Your goal should be to use event-ids which encode both the event itself (:edit ?) and the context (:panel1 or :panel2 ?).

Luckily, ClojureScript provides a nice easy solution: use keywords with a synthetic namespace. Perhaps something like :panel1/edit and :panel2/edit.

You see, ClojureScript allows the namespace in a keyword to be a total fiction. I can have the keyword :panel1/edit even though panel1.cljs doesn't exist.

Naturally, you'll take advantage of this by using keyword namespaces which are both unique and descriptive.

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