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Example project

Material-UI TextField has for long time caused problems for Reagent users. The problem is that TextField wraps the input element inside a component so that Reagent is not able to enable input cursor fixes, which are required due to async rendering.

Good news is that Material-UI v1 has a property that can be used to provide the input component to TextField:

(ns example.material-ui
  (:require ["material-ui" :as mui]
            [reagent.core :as r]))

(def text-field (r/adapt-react-class mui/TextField))

(def value (r/atom ""))

(def input-component
    (fn [props]
      [:input (-> props
                  (assoc :ref (:inputRef props))
                  (dissoc :inputRef))])))

(def example []
   {:value @value
    :on-change #(reset! value (.. e -target -value))
    :InputProps {:inputComponent input-component}}])

reactify-component can be used to convert Reagent component into React component, which can then be passed into Material-UI. The component should be created once (i.e. on top level) to ensure it is not unnecessarily redefined, causing the component to be re-mounted. For some reason Material-UI uses different name for ref, so the inputRef property should be renamed by the input component.

Wrapping for easy use

Instead of providing :InputProps :inputComponent option to every TextField, it is useful to wrap the TextField component in a way that the option is added always:

(defn text-field [props & children]
  (let [props (-> props
                  (assoc-in [:InputProps :inputComponent] input-component)
    (apply r/create-element mui/TextField props (map r/as-element children))))

Here r/create-element and reagent.impl.template/convert-prop-value achieve the same as what adapt-react-class does, but allows modifying the props.

Check the example project for complete code. Some additional logic is required to ensure option like :multiline and :select work correctly, as they affect how the inputComponent should work.

TODO: :multiline TextField without :rows (i.e. automatic height) doesn't work, because that requires Material-UI Input/Textarea, which doesn't work with Reagent cursor fix.

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