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What? Why?

This library serves the very niche purpose of parsing command-line arguments from a single string in Clojure. Usually, your shell takes care of splitting command-line arguments, so this is something you would never need to do manually. Once in a blue moon, though, you may need to do this. So, here's some code that does it.

The implementation is copy-pasted from Michał Marczyk's answer to the StackOverflow question linked above. After lots of googling, it was the best solution I could find. I was hesitant to include it in the project where I needed it, so I made a reusable library out of it.

Note: I'm totally prepared to scrap this and replace it with something less convoluted (Michał's word, not mine!), if something comes up.

This solution is also from 2010, at which point there apparently (from reading the comments) wasn't a proper parser-generator library available. Perhaps we could now build a simpler solution using Instaparse.


(require '[str-to-argv :refer (split-args)])

(split-args "foo --bar 'baz quux'")
;=> ("foo" "--bar" "baz quux")

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