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Unofficial Clojure Poloniex API wrapper

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I wanted to create this wrapper because I enjoy programming in Clojure. You can freely use this wrapper, but bare in mind that it is not bullet-proof. I thought that I would use this wrapper to scrape some data for machine learning projects.

Besides, I wanted to:

  • improve my skills in Clojure
  • have better understading of a WAMP protocol
  • eventually find some time to do something open-source
  • have a good time!


Add this to your project.clj:

[clojure-poloniex "0.1.0-SNAPSHOT"]

Simply require an API (public, trading, push) For methods with parameters use :params {:currency-pair "BTC_LTC"}

For trading methods, it is necessary to add :creds {:key "Your API key" :secret "Your secret key"}

For push methods, it is important to run them as scheduled job for a certain amount of time. Supply your own callbacks for the push methods using WampCallback.

;the first argument is for the on-next event
;the second is for the on-error
(WampCallback. #(println %) #(println %))

To get order book and trade updates for desired currency pair, define an API method, as follows:

(define-push-api-method "btc-xmr"
                        :scheduler (Schedulers/computation)
                        :wsurl *wsurl*
                        :realm *realm*)

Default callbacks only print the received responses. Just override the callbacks at runtime as needed. See Examples below.


Public API


(return-chart-data :params {:currency-pair "BTC_LTC" :period 300})

Trading API

(return-balances :creds {:key "Your API key" :secret "Your API secret"})

(return-open-orders :creds {:key "Your API key" :secret "Your API secret"}
                    :params {:currencyPair "BTC_LTC"})

Push API

; Using Push API is a bit more complicated.

(ns poloniex-api.examples.wamp
  (:import (java.util.concurrent Executors TimeUnit)))

(defn run [& {:keys [push-method timeout-in-secs]}]
  (let [executor (Executors/newSingleThreadExecutor)]
      (open push-method)
      (.awaitTermination executor timeout-in-secs (TimeUnit/SECONDS))
      (close push-method)
      (catch Exception e
        (println "Caught exception: " e))
      (finally (close push-method)))))

; Schedule a push method for a given amount of time to collect data.
(run :push-method (btc-ltc) :callbacks (WampCallback. #(prn %) #(prn %))
                            :timeout-in-secs 7)


$ lein test

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