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clj-stripe is a library that provides Clojure bindings for the Stripe API.


clj-stripe wraps around the Stripe REST API. For a detailed explanation of the available operations and parameters visit .

The general way of invoking operation is:

  • To execute an operation, first create it using the appropriate funcion. For example, to create an operation for retrieving a customer, just execute (customers/get-customer "mycustomerid") That will return a map that represents the action of retrieving that customer.

  • Some operations require parameters that are provided through other functions. For example, the function customers/get-customers (that retrieves all customers) accepts two optional parameters, count and offset. To create that operation you must use auxiliary functions defined in the common namespace: (customers/get-customers (common/limit-count 10) (common/offset 4)) or, for brevity, (customers/get-customers (common/position 10 4))

  • Once created, execute an operation by passing it as parameter to the common/execute multimethod.

  • Wrap all the calls to execute in a call to common/with-token. That will provide the authentication token needed when invoking the Stripe API.

    Examples ================================

  • Declare the dependency to clj-stripe in your project.clj

:dependencies [abengoa/clj-stripe "1.0.3"]
  • Import the namespaces you may need
(:require [clj-stripe.util :as util]
	  [clj-stripe.common :as common]
	  [clj-stripe.plans :as plans]
	  [ :as coupons]
	  [clj-stripe.charges :as charges]
	  [ :as cards]
	  [clj-stripe.subscriptions :as subscriptions]
	  [clj-stripe.customers :as customers]
	  [clj-stripe.invoices :as invoices]
	  [clj-stripe.invoiceitems :as invoiceitems])
  • First step is to create a some subscription plans:
(common/with-token "vtUQeOtUnYr7PGCLQ96Ul4zqpDUO4sOE:"
    (common/execute (plans/create-plan "plan1" (common/money-quantity 500 "usd") (plans/monthly) "Starter"))
    (common/execute (plans/create-plan "plan2" (common/money-quantity 1000 "usd") (plans/monthly) "Professional")))
  • To show a user the list of available plans:
(common/with-token "vtUQeOtUnYr7PGCLQ96Ul4zqpDUO4sOE:"
    (common/execute (plans/get-all-plans)))
  • When a new user signs up, create a new customer:
(common/with-token "vtUQeOtUnYr7PGCLQ96Ul4zqpDUO4sOE:"
    (common/execute (customers/create-customer (common/card "A card token obtained with stripe.js") (customers/email "") (common/plan "plan1"))))
  • To display the customer information:
(common/with-token "vtUQeOtUnYr7PGCLQ96Ul4zqpDUO4sOE:"
    (common/execute (customers/get-customer "cu_1mXfGxS9m8")))
  • And the billing status of the customer:
(common/with-token "vtUQeOtUnYr7PGCLQ96Ul4zqpDUO4sOE:"
    (common/execute (invoices/get-upcoming-invoice (common/customer "cu_1mXfGxS9m8"))))
  • Get all the invoices of a customer:
(common/with-token "vtUQeOtUnYr7PGCLQ96Ul4zqpDUO4sOE:"
	(common/execute (invoices/get-all-invoices (common/customer "cu_1mXfGxS9m8"))))
  • Get an individual invoice:
(common/with-token "vtUQeOtUnYr7PGCLQ96Ul4zqpDUO4sOE:"
	(common/execute (invoices/get-invoice "INVOICE_ID")))
  • For a one time charge to an existing customer:
(common/with-token "vtUQeOtUnYr7PGCLQ96Ul4zqpDUO4sOE:"
    (common/execute (charges/create-charge (common/money-quantity 5000 "usd") (common/customer "cu_1mXfGxS9m8") (common/description "This an extra charge for some stuff"))))
  • Get all the charges that were billed to a customer:
(common/with-token "vtUQeOtUnYr7PGCLQ96Ul4zqpDUO4sOE:"
    (common/execute (charges/get-all-charges (common/customer "cu_1mXfGxS9m8"))))
  • Get all the charges of a customer, paginated (get 5 charges starting at index 20):
(common/with-token "vtUQeOtUnYr7PGCLQ96Ul4zqpDUO4sOE:"
    (common/execute (charges/get-all-charges (common/customer "cu_1mXfGxS9m8") (common/position 5 20))))
  • If a charge needs to be refunded
(common/with-token "vtUQeOtUnYr7PGCLQ96Ul4zqpDUO4sOE:"
    (common/execute (charges/create-refund "charge-id")))
  • Upgrade the plan of a customer
(common/with-token "vtUQeOtUnYr7PGCLQ96Ul4zqpDUO4sOE:"
    (common/execute (subscriptions/subscribe-customer (common/plan "plan2") (common/customer "cu_1mXfGxS9m8") (subscriptions/do-not-prorate))))
  • Unsubscribe a customer from the current plan
(common/with-token "vtUQeOtUnYr7PGCLQ96Ul4zqpDUO4sOE:"
    (common/execute (subscriptions/unsubscribe-customer (common/customer "cu_1mXfGxS9m8") (subscriptions/immediately))))
  • Delete a customer
(common/with-token "vtUQeOtUnYr7PGCLQ96Ul4zqpDUO4sOE:"
    (common/execute (customers/delete-customer "cu_1mXfGxS9m8")))


Copyright (C) 2011 Alberto Bengoa

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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