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Clojars Project

A tiny wrapper around Eftest Clojure test runner for getting test coverage using Cloverage instrumentation.

DISCLAIMER: probably you should use a native way to run Cloverage with Eftest instead of this lib.


project.clj :dependencies

[abogoyavlensky/eftest-coverage "0.1.1"]

deps.edn :deps

abogoyavlensky/eftest-coverage {:mvn/version "0.1.1"}

Usage examples

Run directly (configurable Eftest)

deps.edn with -M option

 :aliases {:test
           {:extra-paths ["test"]
            :extra-deps {abogoyavlensky/eftest-coverage {:mvn/version "VERSION"}}
            :main-opts   ["-m" "eftest-coverage.runner"
                          "-p" "src"
                          "-s" "test"]}}}

Then run:

clojure -M:test

Run via Cloverage (only default settings for Eftest)

Running via Cloverage you don't have ability to configure the Eftest runner. Just run Eftest with coverage as is with default settings. Cloverage's configuration is fully available in both cases.


 :aliases {:test
           {:extra-paths ["test"]
            :extra-deps {abogoyavlensky/eftest-coverage {:mvn/version "VERSION"}}
            :main-opts   ["-m" "cloverage.coverage"
                          "-p" "src"
                          "-s" "test"
                          "--runner" ":eftest-coverage"]}}}
clojure -M:test


 [[abogoyavlensky/eftest-coverage "VERSION"]]
 :plugins [[lein-cloverage "1.2.1"]]
lein cloverage --runner :eftest-coverage


Cloverage options

All options for Cloverage available exactly as in origin library. The runner option has reasonable default value:

--runner :eftest-coverage

Eftest options

All options for Eftest are available exactly as in origin library with prefix --eftest-...:

--eftest-fail-fast?false, truefalse
--eftest-capture-output?false, truetrue
--eftest-multithread?true, false, :namespaces, :varstrue
--eftest-thread-countint number > 0calculated if --eftest-multithread? is enabled
--eftest-randomize-seedint number >= 00
--eftest-reportpath to report
--eftest-test-warn-timeint time in millisecondsnil

:information_source: Keeping Eftest's semantic of boolean options with ? sign at the end to have full compatibility with origin library.

eftest-coverage extra options

Also eftest-coverage has a couple extra options for convenience.

--eftest-report-to-filepath to a filenilRedirect Eftest reporting output to a file.
--[no-]coverageboolean flag--coverageRun test runner without coverage instrumenting. (enabled by default)

Config example with some eftest options


 :aliases {:test
           {:extra-paths ["test"]
            :extra-deps {abogoyavlensky/eftest-coverage {:mvn/version "VERSION"}}
            :main-opts   ["-m" "eftest-coverage.runner"
                          "-p" "src"
                          "-s" "test"
                          "--eftest-test-warn-time" "100"
                          "--eftest-multithread?" "false"
                          "--eftest-fail-fast?" "true"
                          "--eftest-report" ""
                          "--eftest-report-to-file" "target/eftest/junit.xml"]}}}


Build a deployable jar of this library:

$ make build

Install it locally:

$ make install

Deploy it to Clojars. Needs CLOJARS_USERNAME and CLOJARS_PASSWORD environment variables:

$ make deploy

Heavily inspired by


  • [x] Add ability to use -X option of Clojure CLI.
  • [x] ~~Add lein-eftest-coverage plugin with ability to configure Eftest runner.~~ Use cloverage/run-project instead.
  • [ ] Add ability to configure :only and metadata selectors for particular tests.


Copyright © 2020 Andrey Bogoyavlensky

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

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