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ClojureScript spec assertion helpers with useful errors, for pre/post conditions and map shape validation


[adamrenklint/prost "1.2.0"] ;; latest release


(ns prost.demo
  (:require [cljs.spec.alpha :as s]
            [prost.core :refer-macros [arg! ret! shape!]]))

; Use any predicate function
(defn expect-string
  {:pre [(arg! string? s)]}

; Or use any spec from the global registry
(s/def ::pos-int pos-int?)
(defn expect-pos-int
  {:pre [(arg! ::pos-int n)]}

; When the argument assertion fails, you get a helpful error message:
(expect-string 123)
; => TypeError: invalid argument 's', expected 12 to be string?
(expect-pos-int "asdf")
; => TypeError: invalid argument 'n', expected "asdf" to be pos? via :prost.demo/pos-int

; Assert constraints between input and output
(defn double
  {:pre [(arg! ::pos-int v)]
   :post [(ret! (= (+ v v) %))]}
  (* v 2))

; Assert the shape of a map
(s/def ::fooish (s/keys :req-un [::pos-int]))
(shape! "foo" ::fooish {:pos-int 12})
; => {:pos-int 12}
(shape! "foo" ::fooish {:pos-int "asdf"})
; => TypeError: invalid shape 'foo :pos-int', expected "asdf" to be pos? via :prost.demo/fooish > :prost.demo/pos-int

; Get helpful error message for missing key
(defn expect-fooish
  {:pre [(arg! ::fooish m)]}
(expect-fooish {:foo :bar})
; => TypeError: invalid argument 'm', expected {:foo :bar} to contain the key :pos-int via :prost.demo-test/fooish

; Get precise error message when using set as predicate
(s/def ::color #{:red :green :blue})
(defn expect-color
  {:pre [(arg! ::color color)]}
(expect-color :foo)
; => TypeError: invalid argument 'color', expected :foo to be one of the allowed values #{:red :green :blue} via :prost.demo-test/color

Disable in production

To disable the :pre and :post checks, simply pass the :elide-asserts option to the ClojureScript compiler.


  • boot test
  • boot watch-test
  • boot fmt
  • boot release


Copyright (c) 2017-2018 Adam Renklint

Distributed under the MIT license

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