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Generate API docs for Clojure namespaces to include in GitHub repos. The idea is to generate the API docs and commit to the repo so that documentation can be versioned with the code it documents.

  • Can be used in a self-contained Boot script to generate API docs for namespaces in your project.
  • Uses runtime metadata — no static analysis of files is done.
  • Formats API documentation as GitHub Flavored Markdown with links to source for a specific tag or branch in the GitHub repo for the project.
  • Supports grouping of vars in namespaces into sections, either via metadata on the namespace and vars or externally via macros that add this metadata when generating the docs.
  • API docs include table of contents, grouped by section if applicable.


[adzerk/clj-github-docs "0.1.1"] ;; latest release

Check out this project's build.boot file for a simple example.


# build and install locally
boot build-jar
# push snapshot
boot build-jar push-snapshot
# push release
boot build-jar push-release


Copyright © 2015 Adzerk

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

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