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ClojureScript console logging macros.

  • No code is emitted for commands that are below the env log level.
  • Groups are only emitted when their body is not elided.
  • Support for log message formatting via string interpolation.
  • ClojureScript forms are pretty-printed.
  • Support for debugger, profiling and timing, respecting environment log level.


[adzerk/cljs-console "0.1.1"] ;; latest release

(ns foo
  (:require [adzerk.cljs-console :as log :include-macros true]))



Message Formatting

String interpolation is used to generate formatted log messages. The interpolated form or expression is delimited by a control character followed by {} for atoms or () for expressions.

Char Format Mnemonic Example
~ %s Clojure unquote "data: ~(:data x)"
# %d ints are numbers "found #{count} things"
. %f floats have points "money = $.{amount}"
' %s strings are quoted "hello, '(:name person)"
< %o xml has <> "doc: <{js/document}"
@ %O looks like big-O "status: @{some-js-obj}"
^ %c nobody uses this "^{css-format}hi there"


;; clear the console log

;; print to the console
(debug message)
(info message)
(warn message)
(error message)

;; group log messages
(group+ message & body) ; expanded
(group- message & body) ; collapsed

Debug Log Level Only

;; drop into the js debugger

;; log error if expression isn't truthy
(log-assert expression message)

;; count how many times it's called
(log-count label)

;; engage js profiling engine
(profile-start label)
(profile-end label)
(with-profile label & body)

;; record a time interval
(time-start label)
(time-end label)
(with-time label & body)

;; mark the timeline
(timestamp), (timestamp label)

;; get a stack trace
(trace object & objects)

;; inline inspection of values
(spy-> form), (spy-> form message)
(spy->> form), (spy->> message form)


# build and install locally
boot build-jar
# push snapshot
boot build-jar push-snapshot
# push release
boot build-jar push-release


Copyright © 2015 Adzerk

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

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