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Task management and async utilities for Clojure.

sokka is the fictional character in the animation series Avatar: The Last Airbender.



sokka's main objective is to offer a light-weight background processing library for Clojure, by providing a simple implementation of DurableQueue and provide basic building blocks to run de-queued tasks asynchronously.

sokka comes with a DynamoDB implementation out of the box, because it is the primary storage for the verbo platform. However, it is possible to provide an alternative implementation by implementing the Task protocol.

Main benefits include:

  • Simple to integrate - does not require a standalone server, just add the library as a dependency to get started.
  • Simple, but powerful worker implementation to run tasks asynchronously and in-process.
  • Command line tool to create, list and manage tasks (WIP)
  • A gorgeous Web UI to visualise and manage tasks.

What's next

  • Improved task lifecycle - support retries and pause (hold task).
  • Provide higher level features for task lifecycle management using FSM.


Copyright © 2019-2021 - Distributed under the Apache License v2.0

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