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The SQL Graph in Clojure

Utilizes Tinkerpop3 graph over SQL database using sqlg.

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Supported DBs

  1. PostgreSQL

  2. MySQL

  3. MariaDB


  5. H2

  6. MSSQL

The low-level driver is well tested only with PostgreSQL + C3P0. You are warned.


Basic config is represented by

sample.graph.db.type = postgresql = localhost
sample.graph.db.port = 5432 = sample
sample.graph.db.user = username
sample.graph.db.pass = password

In order to get it prepared use

user=> (require '[sqlg-clj.config :as c])
user=> (def config (-> "sample" c/load-config :sample :graph :db c/db-config))

Same result may be done using EDN config, i.e. directly from your app:

user=> (def config (c/db-config {:port 5432 :pass "password" :user "username" :type "postgresql" :host "localhost" :name "sample"}))

When the config is ready it may be easily read back

user=>(c/config->clj config)
{"jdbc.url" "jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/sample", "jdbc.username" "username", "jdbc.password" "password"}


Open SqlgGraph directly

(def G (c/graph config))

or indirectly

(def G (c/open-graph config))

The last method opens a new TinkerGraph with default configuration or open a new Graph instance with the specified configuration. The configuration may be a path to a file or a Map of configuration options. When gets prepared BaseConfiguration or Configuration object as an argument - returns SqlgGraph.


user=> (-> ^Graph G traversal V (has-label "label"))
#object[org.apache.tinkerpop.gremlin.process.traversal.dsl.graph.DefaultGraphTraversal 0x3fffba3f "[GraphStep(vertex,[]), HasStep([~label.eq(label)])]"]


In order to store or to unroll the changes were made by some iteration between calls, use

user=> (require '[sqlg-clj.util :as u])
user=> (u/commit! G)
;; or
user=> (u/rollback! G)



create, find, process

user=> (require '[sqlg-clj.util :as u])
user=> (require '[ :as d])
user=> (require '[sqlg-clj.core :refer :all])

user=> (-> G (d/add-V :test {:aa 11 :bb 22}))
#object[org.umlg.sqlg.structure.SqlgVertex 0x2e5e87e9 "v[public.test:::14]"]
user=> (-> G (d/add-V :test {:aa 33 :cc 44}))
#object[org.umlg.sqlg.structure.SqlgVertex 0x6ec0ead1 "v[public.test:::15]"]
user=> (u/commit! G)

user=> (def vxs (-> G traversal V (has-label :test) (has :aa) u/into-vec!))

user=> (map #(value % :aa) vxs)
(11 33)
user=> (map #(value % :bb) vxs)
(22 nil)
user=> (map #(value % :cc) vxs)
(nil 44)

More info

Please, read original documentation here and here


©2022 Fern Flower Lab

Distributed under the MIT License.

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