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ClojureScript/Clojure event-driven application framework. Successor to Carry.


  • Propose a pattern for SPAs (single app atom, view/view-model separation).

  • Framework core is agnostic to UI and model layers.

  • Events can be defined as vars so that IDE can jump to definition and compiler can detect undefined events.

  • Event definitions look similarly to defn so that IDE can highlight arguments, etc.

  • Events can be serialized/deserialized.

  • Events can be async.

  • Support injecting additional functionality via third-party packages (such as routing, logging, etc.).

  • Propose app lifecycle pattern (via standard start/stop events). This is needed for "stateful" third-party packages.

  • It is possible to implement time traveling debugger in the future.

  • Extensible.

  • Testable.



Code Examples

Define an app which has some model:

(ns app.core
  (:require [aide.core :as aide]))

(let [*model (atom {:val 0})
      app (aide/object {:*model *model})]

Define an event which modifies the app model:

(aide/defevent on-increment
  [app _data]
  (swap! (:*model app) update :val inc))

Define an event which emits another event asynchronously:

(aide/defevent on-delayed-increment
  [app delay-ms]
  (.setTimeout js/window #(aide/emit app on-increment) delay-ms))

Emit events into the app:

(aide/emit app aide-lifecycle/on-start)
(aide/emit app on-increment)
(aide/emit app on-delayed-increment 1000)
(aide/emit app aide-lifecycle/on-stop)

Middleware example:

(defn wrap-logging
  "Will log all events."
  (update app :aide.core/emit
          (fn wrap-emit
            (fn emit
              [object event data]
              (println (str event) (pr-str data))
              (original-emit object event data)))))

(def app-with-logging (-> app

Developer Guide

Tests (Clojure)

Run tests once: lein test or lein test-refresh :run-once

Autorun tests: lein test-refresh

Tests (ClojureScript)

To run tests once:

lein doo phantom test once

or automatically re-run on code changes:

lein doo phantom test auto


Copyright © 2018 Yuri Govorushchenko.

Released under an MIT license.

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