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Small wrapper for Clojure, Aleph server and Bidi routing.


Clojars Project

Example, starts Aleph webserver at http://localhost:9990/

(ns ...
  [ring.util.response :refer :all]
  [ :refer :all]
  [hiccup.core :refer :all]
  [aleph-system.core :as asystem])

(defn home [req]
  (response (html5 [:head [:title "Aleph-system"]] [:body "Home"])))

(defn setup [] {:port 9990
                :cookie-name "somename"
                :cookie-store-key "somekeysomekeyso"
                :routes ["/" [
                              ["" home]
                              ["a/" (fn [req] (pprint req) (response "B"))] 
                              ["j/" (fn [req] (response {:a "abc" :b 13}))] 
                              ["resources/" (asystem/resources)]
                              [#".*" (fn [req] (not-found "Ups"))]
(asystem/system-restart setup)


Copyright © 2015 Martin Skou Drewes

Distributed under the Apache License.

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