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Migrating from Sparkling

Migrating from Sparkling should require very little work - a few functions have changed names, but the API is extremely similar by design. The major change is obviously to update the namespaces you're requiring; for example, instead of requiring [sparkling.core :as spark], require [sparkplug.core :as spark].

Specific changes to be aware of are documented by namespace below.


  • get renamed get-param
  • set renamed set-param
  • set-if-missing renamed set-param-default
  • remove renamed unset-param
  • master no longer sets "local[*]" if provided no arguments
  • to-string renamed debug-str


The names of all of the function interop classes changed and their serialization is slightly more efficient. Otherwise consumers shouldn't need to change much here.


Spark Contexts

  • spark-context moved to sparkplug.context/spark-context
  • local-spark-context not implemented
  • default-min-partitions replaced by sparkplug.context/info
  • default-parallelism replaced by sparkplug.context/info
  • stop moved to sparkplug.context/stop!
  • with-context moved to sparkplug.context/with-context and now expects a two-element binding vector instead of separate symbol/config args.

RDD Transformations

  • map-to-pair renamed map->pairs
  • map-values renamed map-vals
  • values renamed vals
  • flat-map renamed mapcat
  • flat-map-to-pair renamed mapcat->pairs
  • flat-map-values renamed mapcat-vals
  • map-partition renamed map-partitions
  • map-partitions-to-pair renamed map-partitions->pairs
  • map-partition-with-index renamed map-partitions-indexed
  • sort-by-key no longer auto-detects whether the first argument is a comparator - explicitly pass the ascending? argument to provide a custom comparison function
  • sample has more arities and a different argument signature
  • zip-with-index renamed zip-indexed
  • zip-with-unique-id renamed zip-unique-ids
  • partitionwise-sampled-rdd not implemented
  • partitioner-aware-union not implemented
  • intersect-by-key not implemented

RDD Actions

  • glom not implemented
  • collect returns a vector instead of a mutable Java list
  • collect-map not implemented, use (spark/into {} rdd) instead
  • save-as-text-file moved to sparkplug.rdd namespace
  • histogram not implemented

RDD Construction

  • parallelize/into-rdd moved to sparkplug.rdd/parallelize
  • parallelize-pairs/into-pair-rdd moved to sparkplug.rdd/parallelize-pairs
  • text-file moved to sparkplug.rdd/text-file
  • whole-text-files moved to sparkplug.rdd namespace

RDD Partitioning

  • hash-partitioner moved to sparkplug.rdd namespace
  • partitions moved to sparkplug.rdd namespace
  • partitioner moved to sparkplug.rdd namespace
  • partition-by moved to sparkplug.rdd namespace
  • repartition moved to sparkplug.rdd namespace
  • repartition moved to sparkplug.rdd namespace
  • coalesce moved to sparkplug.rdd namespace
  • coalesce-max not implemented
  • rekey not implemented

RDD Persistence

  • STORAGE-LEVELS moved to sparkplug.rdd/storage-levels
  • cache/storage-level! replaced by sparkplug.rdd/cache!
  • uncache moved to sparkplug.rdd/uncache!
  • checkpoint moved to sparkplug.rdd/checkpoint!


  • tuple moved to sparkplug.scala namespace
  • count-partitions not implemented
  • tuple-by not implemented
  • key-by-fn not implemented
  • rdd-name replaced by sparkplug.rdd/name and sparkplug.rdd/set-name for the read and write operations, respectively


  • broadcast moved to sparkplug.core/broadcast
  • value not implemented, deref the broadcast values instead


  • accumulator replaced with type-specific v2 constructors:
    • long-accumulator
    • double-accumulator
    • collection-accumulator

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