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A ClojureScript library for Ant Design.

Quick Start Guide

Add the following dependency in your project:

;; project.clj or build.boot

;; deps.edn
{:deps { {:mvn/version "RELEASE"}}}


  (:require [ :as ant]))

(defn my-button []
  [ant/button {:onClick #(js/console.log "Amazing...")}
    "Click me"])


# create a new git tag (available types `minor`, `major`)
$ make patch

# push a new git tag
$ make release

Available commands

$ make help
help                           Show help
repl                           Run nREPL
clean                          Clean
lint                           Run linter
build                          Build jar
install                        Install locally
init                           Init first version
patch                          Increment patch version
minor                          Increment minor version
major                          Increment major version
release                        Release a new version
deploy                         Deploy to clojars

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