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xyzzy - magical clojure xml handling

A hollow voice says "Fool".


Say you have a string containing XML (we won't judge you for how you arrived at this string, it happens).
You wish to access some value inside the structure represented by this string. You could piece together the multitude of clojure libraries necessary to actually do this seemingly simple task, or you could appeal to Xyzzy, the original source of all power. This is the route we take.

(require '[xyzzy.core :as xyzzy])
(def blob (xyzzy/parse-xml giant-xml-string))
(xyzzy/text-at blob :keys :into :blob :at :the :path :you :desire)

Need at attribute, not the text value? Use xyzzy/attr-at!


Copyright © 2012 Instrument

Distributed under the MIT License

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