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Maven S3 repos

Antq supports Maven S3 repositories as same as tools.deps. To use Maven S3 repositories, add repositories to your project configuration.

Please see tools.deps documents documents for AWS S3 credentials.

Clojure CLI Tool (deps.edn)
{:deps {...}
 :mvn/repos {"my-private-repo" {:url "s3://my-bucket/maven/releases"}}
Leiningen (project.clj)
(defproject foo "0.1.0-SNAPSHOT"
  :dependencies [...]
  :repositories [["my-private-repo" {:url "s3://my-bucket/maven/releases"}]])
Boot (build.boot)
  :repositories #(conj % '["my-private-repo" {:url "s3://my-bucket/maven/releases"}]))

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