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What is Aqua?

It is a Clojurescript library that allows you to seamlessly animate DOM elements on-scroll.

Why should you use it?

  • Granular - From trivial to highly complex DOM nodes manipulations
  • Universal - Target both inline elements and external SVGs objects
  • Extra Light - Only a handful of internal functions and one API entry point
  • No dependencies - Yes, only interop

As you must be wondering "What is so special about it?", I will go straight to the code implementation. Let's start!


Require Aqua

In Deps

aqua {:mvn/version "0.1.0"}


aqua {:git/url ""
:sha "copy and paste last commit sha"}

In Namespace

(ns your.namespace
  [aqua.core :as aqua]))

Subscribe your animations

The registration of animations is very straight forward. Call the subscribe function, and pass a map or a sequence of maps of your on-scroll effects.

  • show example of dom elment [:div ...]

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