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A Clojure library of helper utilities for use with Ardupilot.


clj-ardupilot-utils is available from Clojars:

[ardupilot/clj-ardupilot-utils "0.1.0"]


Parsing a DataFlash log

To parse an ArduPilot dataflash log, use log-analyzer/parse-bin which returns a lazy sequence of messages

=> (require ['ardupilot-utils.log-reader :as 'log-reader]
            [' :as ;io])
=> (log-reader/parse-bin (io/input-stream (io/file "my-log.BIN")))

Analyze a DataFlash log

clj-ardupilot-utils provides a log analyzer based losely off the log analysis tool within ArduPilot.

=> (require ['ardupilot-utils.log-analysis :as 'log-analysis]
            [' :as ;io])
=> (log-analysis/analyze-log (io/input-stream (io/file "my-log.BIN")))

analyze-log takes an input stream, which it will run all tests, or a provided subset of tests over. Any test that fails will be returned, otherwise an empty list is returned.


Copyright © 2017 Michael du Breuil

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

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