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reagent-material-ui is a Reagent wrapper for MUI (formerly Material UI) v5.

The purpose of this library is to help ClojureScript/Reagent developers use a modern React UI library without the hassle that Reagent/React interop usually is. It is meant to be comprehensive and up to date.


If you aren't familiar with MUI or its documentation yet, that is the best place to start. Their examples are very good. and this library tries to follow the original ideas as well as possible. See the example project for a simple usage example.

To add MUI to an existing Reagent project, just add this library to your dependencies:

[arttuka/reagent-material-ui "5.11.12-0"]

Most of the library is in the form of regular Reagent components. Each component is contained in a namespace that mirrors MUI's modules. For example, @mui/material/IconButton becomes reagent-mui.material.icon-button/icon-button and @mui/icons-material/Menu becomes

Namespace reagent-mui.components contains a copy of each component from @mui/material for ease of use.

Namespace reagent-mui.colors contains all color definitions from @mui/material/colors. The colors are organized in a single namespace, so @mui/material/colors/red becomes reagent-mui.colors/red.

Namespace reagent-mui.styles contains helper functions and components from @mui/material/styles.

Namespace reagent-mui.jss-styles contains helper functions and components from @mui/styles.

Namespace reagent-mui.core contains all components from @mui/core.


This library also includes components from MUI Lab.

Namespace reagent-mui.lab contains all components from @mui/lab.


This library also includes components from MUI X. Namespace reagent-mui.x contains those components.

MUI X components are only supported in projects with NPM dependencies. They can't be used in projects with CLJSJS sources.

Namespace reagent-mui.cljs-time-adapter contains an adapter that lets you use the date pickers with cljs-time ( date objects. reagent-mui.x.localization-provider accepts this adapter as its date-adapter property. The locale prop must be an instance of goog.i18n.DateTimeSymbols. The default locale is used if no locale prop is given. See the example project for a usage example.

If you want to use another date library, you can use adapters from @mui/x-date-pickers.

Using npm dependencies with Figwheel Main

To use npm dependencies with Figwheel Main, you need to exclude prebuilt JS files (React from CLJSJS and MUI from this library). To do so, add these exclusions to your dependency. See the example project for working configuration.

[arttuka/reagent-material-ui "5.11.12-0" :exclusions [arttuka/reagent-material-ui-js]]

MUI component names with shadow-cljs

The compiler used by shadow-cljs will remove local function names, causing most MUI component to show as Anonymous in React Devtools. If you want to keep the names, add :js-options {:anon-fn-naming-policy :unmapped} to your build in shadow-cljs.edn.

React 18

Reagent v1.2.0 has experimental support for React 18. This library works with Reagent 1.2.0 / React 18. See example project.

Common pitfalls in Reagent/React interop

  • Some components want to have a React node as a prop. A Reagent component is not good enough and will just result in errors about invalid React nodes. reagent.core/as-element can turn a Reagent component into a React node.
  • React hooks can't be used in most Reagent components. More information.
  • Higher order React components can only deal with components that take all their parameters (including children) in a single map.
  • MUI X DatePickers accept a renderInput prop. Rendering a Reagent element causes problems with cursor positioning. You should instead render a React element with react/createElement. See this issue.

For more information, check out Reagent's interop guide.


Bug reports, pull requests and ideas for improvement are very welcome. No external services are needed for getting the library up and running.


Run tests on the command line with npm run test, or in the browser with npm run test:browser. The browser test runner will start at localhost:9500.

The build process also includes lein cljfmt.

Version numbers

The project follows MUI's version numbering.

  • Current @mui/material version: 5.11.12
  • Current @mui/icons-material version: 5.11.11
  • Current @mui/lab version: 5.0.0-alpha.122
  • Current @mui/x-date-pickers version: 6.0.0


This project is licensed under the Eclipse Public License 2.0.

Parts of example project are copyright (c) 2013-2017 Dan Holmsand and Reagent contributors, used under the terms of the MIT License. Material UI Icons are copyright (c) Material UI contributors, used under the terms of the MIT License.

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