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A small library that helps Chas Emerick's Friend library to use the SPNEGO feature of Tobias Sarnowski's Kerberos library.

Example use

Here is a snippet of code that shows the use of the pre-authentication-credential-fn, pre-authentication and wrap-spnego functions from this library.

(let [get-roles-fn (fn [username] #{::user})
      map-remote-user-fn (fn [remote-user] (re-find #"[^@]+" (or remote-user "")))
      credential-fn (partial pre-authentication-credential-fn map-remote-user-fn get-roles-fn)
      auth-config {:workflows [(pre-authentication :credential-fn credential-fn)]}
      jaas-config {:userKeyTab true
                   :keyTab "test/http.host1.keytab"
                   :principal "HTTP/"
                   :storeKey true
                   :isInitiator false}
      exempt-fn (fn [request] (= "/favicon.ico" (:uri request)))]
    :exempt? exempt-fn))


  • get-roles-fn outputs a (possibly empty) collection of roles when given a username.
  • map-remote-user-fn maps remote-user values to values that are to be used as Friend :identity values (the example above will map --to-> ashley.mcclenaghan).
  • jaas-config is a JAAS login.conf information in the style of a map.
  • exempt-fn (an optional, named argument) decides if a request should be exempted from being processed for SPNEGO (the example above says that requests for /favicon.ico should be exempt)


Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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