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Bare-bones map file store for prototypes or small projects in Clojure. This stores a map in edn files for easy retrieval/manipulation.


Give the filestore a path and a name:

(require '[ashikasoft.filestore.core :as fs])
;; load a data store, or create it if it doesn't exist.
(def my-store (fs/init-store! "/tmp" "my-store"))
;; note that the above is equivalent to initializing the store with an empty map:
;; (fs/init-store! "/tmp" "my-store" {})

Data is held in an atom, so use swap! for CRUD operations.

;; add a couple rows
(swap! (fs/data my-store) assoc :my-key 17 :another-key 42)
;; view the data
(fs/view my-store)
;; {:my-key 17, :another-key 42}

Clojure's swap takes care of atomic operations. For example, update and delete in one go:

;; update and delete in a single atomic operation
(swap! (fs/data my-store)
       (comp #(update % :my-key inc) #(dissoc % :another-key)))
;; view it again
(fs/view my-store)
;; {:my-key 18}

Write to disk.

;; Dump as an edn file in the directory.
(fs/write-store! my-store)


Plugins may be added by implementing the plugin-do-init and plugin-do-write multimethods. For more information, refer to the ashikasoft-filestore-plugin-git project.


MIT License. No warranty.

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