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Clojars Project

Web dependencies for Clojure

What's this

This is a clojure library that groups together common dependencies for a web stack.

Why is this needed

Reasons for having the web stack as a library:

  • Putting common web dependencies in a package makes it easier to upgrade projects.
  • Having the web stack as a library rather than a framework gives projects more flexibility in terms of structure. This approach is inspired by various talks on clean architecture -- a web stack is simply a dependency and need not dictate the overall organisation of the project.

What's in here

The main items are:

  • Immutant web server (via Luminus)
  • Ring request handler
  • Reitit router
  • Hiccup rendering
  • Reagent
  • Integrant component management


This library is available, pre-built from clojars. To check dependencies, build and install on a local repo, use leiningen:

lein deps
lein do clean, install


To use this library:

  • include it as a dependency, along with clojure and clojurescript
  • httpd is provided as an integrant plugin.

See the anketeur project for actual usage.


Dependencies are under their respective licenses. Code included in this library is MIT licensed, unless marked as derived from Luminus, which is EPL. No warranty.

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