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TODO and Ideas

  • [TODO] Support for statement preparation parameters, e.g. when using cursors
  • [TODO - BREAKING CHANGE] Make params-setter accept connection argument
  • [TODO] Fix/revamp rationale in README
  • [TODO] Support for defining a row-maker using defrecord: defrowrecord or defrowmaker
  • [TODO] Support for multi-value param groups
    • :group-placeholder, e.g. {:values "(?, ?, ?)"} or {:values "(^int $foo, ^boolean $bar, $baz)"}
    • Support for multi-insert, e.g. INSERT INTO emp (c1, c2) VALUES (v1, v2), (v3, v4), (v5, v6);
    • Support for group patterns, e.g. WHERE (foo, bar) IN ((10, 20), (30, 40), (50, 60))
      • IN (^multi (^int $foo, ^string $bar))
  • [TODO - BREAKING CHANGE] Externalize Connection-source instrumentation
    • Drop support for DataSource instrumentation
  • [TODO] Support stored procedure call
  • [TODO] Remove protocol fn asphalt.type.ISqlSource/read-col (supplant with read-row)
  • [TODO] Support for more parameter types, e.g. utc-date, utc-time, utc-timestamp
  • [TODO - BREAKING CHANGE] Make all type hints (even those with primitive Java types) null-safe for reads
    • Challenge: JDBC drivers do not implement this reliably, e.g.
      • H2 does not implement ResultSet.getObject(int, Class) at all
      • MySQL always delegates ResultSet.getObject(int, Integer) to ResultSet.getInt(int)
    • Challenge: All connection pool libraries do not support this, e.g.
      • Apache DBCP 1.x does not implement JDBC 4.2, and by extension ResultSet.getObject(int, Class)
    • [TODO] Deprecate/Remove support for primitive type hints (int, float, long, double, boolean)
  • [TODO - BREAKING CHANGE] Fix kwarg fn arity in asphalt.core/compile-sql-template (by extension, defsql)
    • :params-setter
    • :row-maker
    • :column-reader

0.6.7 / 2018-April-21

  • Throw exception when a non-collection is passed as multi-value param
  • Fix issue where templates with ^sql variable cannot set JDBC params

0.6.6 / 2018-April-18

  • Support for non-param variables (for SQL generation) via type hint
    • Example: SELECT foo FROM ^sql $table WHERE id = $id

0.6.5 / 2017-September-30

  • Enhance defsql with arity and metadata to make it behave more like defn
    • Add :arglists metadata key (for better documentation and meta-programming support)
    • Add :doc metadata key with value same as the specified SQL template
    • Add arity to accommodate docstring: (defsql foo docstring sql options)
  • Clarify optional function-argument arity in asphalt.core functions docstring
  • Throw exception when connection-source map is not valid

0.6.4 / 2017-September-05

  • Deprecate asphalt.core/instrument-connection-source

0.6.3 / 2017-August-07

  • Allow :param-placeholder option in defsql for named multi-value parameters
    • Useful for muti-value params, e.g. IN (^objects $ids) -> IN (UNHEX(?), UNHEX(?))

0.6.2 / 2017-July-13

  • Enhance defsql and parse-sql with extra options
    • :param-types
    • :result-types
  • Support for more JDBC column types
    • array
    • ascii-stream
    • big-decimal
    • binary-stream
    • blob
    • character-stream
    • clob
    • ncharacter-stream
    • nclob
    • ref
    • row-id
    • sql-xml
    • url

0.6.1 / 2017-July-04

  • Enhance defsql and compile-sql-template
    • Accept options for direct use instead of factory functions
      • :result-set-worker (this has no corresponding factory fn)
      • :params-setter
      • :row-maker
      • :column-reader
      • :conn-worker
    • Make SQL templates behave as arity-1 fn for SQL that accepts no params
  • Documentation fixes and enhancements

0.6.0 / 2017-February-20

  • [BREAKING CHANGE] Default every unspecified hint to ^object instead of dynamic discovery
    • This makes type hints unnecessary for achieving best performance
    • Dynamic discovery can now be enforced with explicit ^nil type hint
    • Type hints are henceforth meant for result value coercion only
  • Allow shortcut ^^ to imply default type hint (useful in hinting result columns)

0.5.1 / 2017-January-31

  • Fix issue where result type hints are not used by generated row maker

0.5.0 / 2017-January-12

  • Overhaul asphalt.core/defsql
    • Named by default
      • Implement clojure.lang.Named interface, hence (name sql-source) works
      • Name can be overridden via :sql-name option kwarg
    • Multi-value parameters (e.g. IN (^ints $dept-ids) clauses)
      • Applicable to type-hinted, named parameters only
      • Comma separated ? placeholder
    • Configurable associations
      • Param setter : auto-default to use param types when specified
      • Row maker : auto-default to use result types when specified
      • Column reader : auto-default to read first column using result type when specified
      • Connection worker : auto-default to query vs update based on first SQL token
    • Behave as function (f connection-source params) using associated connection-worker
  • Transactions
    • Do not override the exception causing rollback/commit by the exception in rollback/commit
  • Types/Protocols
    • [BREAKING CHANGE] Now asphalt.type.ISqlSource/get-sql accepts params as argument (for dynamic SQL)
    • [BREAKING CHANGE] Drop support for map SQL templates
    • [BREAKING CHANGE] Now asphalt.type.ISqlSource/read-col no more accepts column-index argument
  • Params setter utility in asphalt.param namespace
    • Macro lay-params (available at macro-expansion time, efficient)
    • Function set-params (available at run time, flexible)
    • Support for param types (single-value and multi-value)
    • Support for param position/name reference (vector/map/nil params)
    • Support for additional coercion arguments
    • Functions to convert date/time/timestamp to java.util.Calendar with timezone
    • [BREAKING CHANGE] Function set-params-with-query-timeout moved from asphalt.core to asphalt.param
  • Result-columns reading utility in asphalt.result namespace
    • Efficient row-maker: asphalt.result/letcol (macro) with support for
      • Column types
      • Column index/label lookup
      • Additional arguments for specific result
    • Functions to read result-set column values
    • [BREAKING CHANGE] Default runtime row-maker returns a vector instead of an array
    • Column key maker fns for asphalt.core/fetch-maps
  • Queries
    • [BREAKING CHANGE] Accept options in asphalt.core fetch fns (arity 3)
    • [BREAKING CHANGE] Remove :column-index option from fetch-value
    • [BREAKING CHANGE] Drop asphalt.core/defquery in favor of asphalt.core/defsql behaving as function
    • New fetch fns fetch-optional-row and fetch-optional-value in asphalt.core namespace
    • Default fetch fn in asphalt.core/query (arity 3) is now asphalt.core/fetch-rows
    • Re-implement asphalt.core/fetch-maps to use provided row-maker

0.4.0 / 2015-November-30

  • Redundant/unwanted type hint was omitted to avoid compilation error with Clojure 1.8.0
  • Fetching SQL statement
    • Rename asphalt.type.ISql to asphalt.type.ISqlSource (internal breaking change)
  • JDBC connections are obtained from and returned to an abstraction asphalt.type.IConnectionSource
    • Extends to java.sql.Connection and javax.sql.DataSource (already supported)
    • Extends to map for clojure/java.jdbc compatibility (new feature)
  • Instrumentation endpoint instrument-connection-source for creating JDBC connections
    • Deprecate instrument-datasource
  • Overhauled transaction API
    • All transaction management code moved to new namespace asphalt.transaction (breaking change)
    • Transactional connection source
    • with-transaction accepts an option map as second argument (breaking change)
    • Option keys :result-success?, :error-failure?, :isolation, :propagation
    • Transaction propagation is a first class abstraction asphalt.type.ITransactionPropagation
    • Nested transactions support (using savepoints)

0.3.0 / 2015-October-08

  • Require Java 7 due to DataSource instrumentation
  • Logic errors now throw clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo with meta data
  • Pervasive instrumentation of javax.sql.DataSource objects
  • Helper macro defquery to bind SQL templates to intended operations
  • Helper fn set-params-with-query-timeout as set-params replacement

0.2.1 / 2015-September-23

  • When error encountered setting a parameter, include parameter index/key in error message
  • Use ex-info (ExceptionInfo) for runtime errors

0.2.0 / 2015-September-07

  • [BREAKING CHANGE] Expect type hints before subjects, consistent with Clojure
  • New SQL abstraction: asphalt.type.ISql
  • ISql supports string, map and SQLTemplate out of the box
  • Performance improvement via primitive arrays in SQLTemplate
  • Make type hint parsing robust (comments, string tokens etc.)

0.1.2 / 2015-July-07

  • Version 0.1.1 introduced an array lookup bug, which caused the bug it meant to fix still open. This release fixes the array lookup bug, thereby also fixing the bug that 0.1.1 meant to fix.

0.1.1 / 2015-July-06

  • Fix issue where default param setter wrongly assumed named params are always set in a SQL template

0.1.0 / 2015-June-19

  • Support for SQL-template with type annotations
  • Named parameters for SQL templates
  • Functions (result-set-worker) to extract data from java.sql.ResultSet
  • JDBC update and query operations (with java.sql.Connection and javax.sql.DataSource)
  • Extraction of generated keys
  • Transaction (auto-rollback on exceptions)

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