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A Clojure library to minify HTML, CSS and Js resources, for a Leiningen plugin see lein-asset-minifier.

The latest version requires ClojureScript 1.9+. If you're on an older version of ClojureScript, then use version 0.2.0 instead.


Clojars Project

The minifier provides three functions called minify-html, minify-css and minify-js, all functions accept a source path followed by the output target and an optional parameter map. The source can be a filename, a directory, or a sequence of directories and or filenames.

(ns my.ns
  (:require [asset-minifier.core :refer [minify-html minify-css minfy-js minify]]))

The minify-html function allows specifying config for htmlcompressor. Please refer too clj-html-compressor.

; minify html files from folder /html into /minified
(minify-html "html" "minified")

The minify-css function allows specifying :linebreak to force line breaks after a certain number of chracters in the minified CSS.

;minify the site.css into site.min.css
(minify-css "site.css" "site.min.css")

;minify the site.css file and any files found under dev/resources/css
(minify-css ["site.css" "dev/resources/css"] "site.min.css")

(minify-css "site.css" "site.min.css" {:linebreak 80})

;minify all css resources into site.min.css
(minify-css "dev/resources/css" "resources/public/css/site.min.css")

The function returns a map containing :original-size, :compressed-size, and :gzipped-size keys indicating the size of the assets before and after compression.

The minify-js function allows specifying the level of optimizations, which can be :none, :simple, :whitespace or :advanced and defaults to simple optimizations.

The :externs key can be used to specify the externs file to be used with the advanced optimisations to prevent munging of external functions.

The default input language is ecmascript6 with an ecmascript5 output. This can be changed with setting the :language-out key to :ecmascript3 for example. The es6 output is not supported by the closure-compiler currently included.

;minify site.js into site.min.js
(minify-js "site.js" "site.min.js")

;minify files found under dev/resources/js and dev/resources/vendor into site.min.js
(minify-js ["dev/resources/js" "dev/resources/vendor"] "site.min.js")

;minify site.js into site.min.js with advanced optimizations and jquery externs
(minify-js "site.js" "site.min.js" {:optimization :advanced
                                    :externs ["jquery.min.js"]
                                    :language-out :ecmascript3})

;minify all Js resources into site.min.js
(minify-js "dev/resources/js" "resources/public/js/site.min.js")

The function returns a map containing :original-size, :compressed-size, and :gzipped-size keys indicating the size of the assets before and after compression. In addition the map may contain :warnings and :errors keys to indicate any warnings or errors that were issued during compilation.


The minify function can be used intead of functions describet below. It tales vector based config as argument. See example:

(minify [[:html {:source "dev/resource/html" :target "dev/minified/html"}]
         [:css {:source "dev/resources/css" :target "dev/minified/css/styles.min.css"}]
         [:js {:source ["dev/res/js1", "dev/res/js2"] :target "dev/minified/js/script.min.js"}]])


Copyright © 2017 Yogthos

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

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