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Athrun Zala, pilot of ZGMF-X19A ∞ Justice Gundam.

Pun explaination: athRuns forever (infinite)

Simple scheduler Component based on j.u.c.ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor. Supports dependency injection, multiple scheduled tasks and second resolution for repeated execution.

It's a spiritual successor to nomnom/eternity


[athrun "0.0.1"]


Scheduler is represented as a singular component, which manages a set of tasks. Tasks are wrapped by the component and receive the subset of the scheduler component dependencies.


Scheduler component:

  • name (just for logging)
  • tasks


Each task requires the following:

  • handler - the scheduled function, receives a map of components it depends on
  • dependencies - vector of keywords to select from the scheduler component's deps
  • interval-seconds - how often run the function
  • delay-seconds - do not start the execution immediatedly, but wait X seconds before running the function for the first time. You can use this setting to model cron-like experssions when combined with interval-seconds (see below)
  • name - name for logging

Simple example:

(def tasks
  [{:name "inactive-accounts"
    ;; what does this task require?
    :dependencies [:publisher :redis]
    ;; how often run this function?
    :interval-seconds (* 15 60)
    :handler (fn [{:keys [publisher redis]}]
               (publisher :check-accounts (get-data-from redis)))}
   {:name "email-queue"
    :interval-seconds 15
    ;; note that dependencies are pulled out of the scheduler component
    :dependencies [:publisher :db-conn]
    ;; dealy the first run 30s after
    ;; the component starts
    :delay-seconds 30
    :handler (fn [{:keys [publisher db-conn]}]
               (store-results db-conn (publisher :send-emails)))}])

(def system
  {:scheduler (component/using
               (athrun.core/create {:name "scheduler"
                                    :scheduled-tasks tasks})
               ;; some component for pushing messages to a background job queue, redis and db clients
               ;; the scheduler component has to depend on all dependencies of its tasks
               [:publisher :redis :db-conn])})


Similarly to Eternity, middlewares are supported and VERY simple. There are two provided:

  • athrun.middleware/with-lock - based on LockJaw

  • athrun.middleware/with-logging - simple logger based middleware, with DEBUG logs


Define your task like so:

(def scheduled-handler
     (fn []
       (println "i'll do some work, but only if I have the lock")))))

and use it in your task definition.


  • [ ] nail down the API
  • [ ] more middlewares?
  • [ ] better docs


Copyright © 2018 FIXME

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

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