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Everything you need to get you up and running with a compojure-api utilizing token-based authentication.


Create New Local Project From Template

Make sure you have the latest version of leiningen installed.

lein new authenticated-compojure-api <project-name>

Customize profiles.clj

The project pulls sensitive information from environment variables. Make sure to populate the file completely.

Equivalent environment variables are DATABASE_URL, USER_EMAIL, USER_PASS_KEY, AUTH_KEY.

Create the PostgreSQL database for local development

psql < script/init_database.sql

Run Migrations

Migrations are managed by migratus to begin working initially run both:

lein migratus migrate && lein with-profile test migratus migrate

Running Locally

lein run -m <project-name>.server 3000

Running Tests

lein test


The HTML documentation can be generated with lein doc the output will be saved in doc/api.

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